RecallCheks and 90-Day Warranties

All True Spec Home Inspections now offer a Free RecallChek and a Free 90-Day Limited Mechanical And Structural Warranty with each paid Home Inspection!

Making America’s homes safer one appliance at a time!

RecallChek is a recall reporting service for home appliances, water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners. Utilizing make and model numbers, RecallChek identifies recalled appliances in about 1 in every 10 homes submitted – all of which are eligible for free, in-home repairs performed by the manufacturer.

The RecallChek Story

Since 1974, American citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their homes by federal law. Congress prescribed a system whereby if a manufacturer designed a dangerous product, they MUST recall all those items and FIX THEM FOR FREE!

The problem in the law is that most often it’s up to the consumer, to find out whether appliances are a potential fire or safety hazard! Although there is a database designed and managed by the government, you would have to wade through 195 MILLION recalled items to find out if a dishwasher or air conditioner is a hazard to your clients family, until now.

RecallChek is the first consumer appliance recall reporting system ever created, and is available to you as part of your True Spec Home Inspection.

The RecallChek Process

 How it works:

  • The appliance data for a property is collected by True Spec Home Inspections during your Home Inspection and electronically submitted to RecallChek.
  • At RecallChek Headquarters, your appliance make and model numbers are computer matched against MILLIONS of recalls using a Model Number Algorithm.
  • RecallChek then hand-checks the report to eliminate wrong numbers from worn plates and ID cards, and other problems.

In the event of a potential recall, the RecallChek report includes:

  • The nature of the recall.
  • Where the product was sold.
  • How to remedy the defect.
  • How to get the item repaired/replaced in most cases – absolutely FREE!

With your RecallChek Service you will receive:

  • A complete recall report for all home systems where the model and serial number are accessible. (typically within 48 hours)
  • Recall Protection for Life!
  • Immediate email alerts if a previously submitted appliance is recalled.
  • A 24/7 online inventory of your appliances in case of loss.
  • Access to update your home’s appliances at any time.
  • Exclusive offers on products and services for the home.
  • Monthly Maintenance tips every home owner should have!


Protecting Your Interests With 90-Day Limited Mechanical And Structural Warranty

Your True Spec Home Inspection also includes a 90-Day Limited Mechanical and Structural warranty. This warranty is valid 90 days from the date of inspection, or 22 days after closing, whichever comes later. You will always have at least 22 days worth of coverage.

This warranty covers repairs to items found to be in good working condition at the time of inspection and are specifically listed within the warranty.  CLICK HERE TO SEE A COPY OF THE 90-DAY WARRANTY  You will never have a deductible to pay, and claims will be handled within 72 hours of complete submission.  This warranty may also work in conjunction with an existing warranty.

You need more than just a home inspection, you need the professionals you can depend on even after the job is done. That’s why we back all of our inspections with a 90 day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty

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